Preliminary Programme

13 September 2017

12.00 Registration

13.00 - 15.30 Panel Discussion "Ukraine - Strategy of Buildings Renovation"

  • Wolfgang Messinger, General Consul of Germany in Donetsk (the office in Dnepropetrovsk)

  • Eugen Maglevanniy, Director of the Department of Technical Regulation of Energy Efficiency, State agency on energy efficiency of Ukraine

  • Declarations of members of the Organizing Committee (Oleksiy Bilenko, Andriy Berestian, Nikolay Pasko, Vasily Stepanenko, Larissa Schreckenbach, Eugene Fomichev, Anatoly Necheporchuk, Vitaly Shapovalenko)

  • Open discussion on the strategy of buildings renovation in Ukraine, answers to questions

  • 15.30 - 16.00 Press conference.

    16.00 - 18.00 Plenary Session

  • Oleh Harasevych, Project and Program Manager, Association "Energy Efficient Cities of Ukraine"

  • Anatoly Necheporchuk, expert at the dena project. Directive 2010/31/EC and regulatory framework of buildings renovation in Ukraine

  • Maksim Tikhomirov, technical advisor at GIZ project “Modernisation partnership for energy efficiency in hospitals”

  • Vasily Stepanenko, Director, ESCO "Ecological Systems". "Proposals for Building Renovation Strategy in Ukraine till 2030"

  • 20.00 Welcome Reception

    14 September 2017

    9.00 Registration
    10.00 - 18.00 Session "Energy efficient renovations of housing areas"

  • Ralph Protz, Director, Berlin Center of Competence for Major Housing Estates

  • Artem Maksimov, head of energy saving and thermal modernization of the building department, State Enterprise " Research institute of building production. Principal approach to the organization and carrying out of thermomodernization of housing areas.

  • Nikolay Romanets, Investment and Development Director of "STEK". Modernization Project of 3 residential areas in Kiev

  • Vasily Stepanenko, director of ESCO "Ecological Systems". "Modernization of housing estates - design advantages before the modernization of single buildings"

  • Barbara Engel, Karlsruher Institut für Technologie

  • Nikolay Pasko, Henkel Ukraine. Objectives and technologies of facade modernization of multi-storey buildings

  • Oleksiy Bilenko, Deputy director, REHAU Ukraine. Goals and technologies for the modernization of translucent structures of buildings.

  • Andriy Berestian, Director, Danfoss. Objectives and technologies of modernization of internal engineering systems of buildings

  • Olexandr Volkov, CAPAROL. New technologies of guaranteed economy for the modernization of buildings in the light of the EPBD Directive

  • Roman Kriuchkovenko, company «Step Corporation». Integration of heating, cooling and hot water supply systems based on heat pumps in the modernization of multi-storey buildings

  • 10.00 - 18.00 Session "Improvement of residential property management. Creation of framework conditions for the implementation of energy renovation of residential buildings"

    Management of residential real estate
  • Werner Merkel, Director of the Management Company MAMN VEGIS, (Chairman of the Board of the International Association of of Property Management in Belarus), Isenburg, Germany Professional housing management - a prerequisite for energy-efficient building renovation

  • Vasily Liman, President of the State Enterprise "Association of governors of housing", President of the Expert Interdepartmental Association of Ukraine, Kiev, Ukraine The state of housing management in Ukraine

  • Konstantin Gurgura, founder of the Managing Company of R.E.M., Zaporizhia, Ukraine. Example of apartment buildings management in Zaporizhia - management company in action

  • The results of the HOME project and prospects for the future
  • Johann Streze, Project Manager, Housing Initiative for Eastern Europe (IWO), Berlin, Germany The results of the HOME project "The way forward for reforms in the housing sector", 2015-2018.

  • Sergey Averkov, executive director of the NGO "Agency for Economic Development", Voznesensk, Mykolayivska oblast, Ukraine. Creation and operation of resource centers for the support of homeowners in Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine (countries of the HOME project "Towards Housing Sector Reforms")

  • Gennady Kalenov, Executive Director, International Association of Real Estate Management (MAMN), Minsk, Belarus. Associations of homeowners - strengthening the status of the owners

  • Anne Valk, chairman of the Estonian Association of Housing Associations, Tartu, Estonia. Experience of the Tartu Association of Apartment Partnerships

  • Energy-saving sanitation - from individual events to complex solutions
  • Thomas Janicki, Housing Initiative for Eastern Europe (IWO), Berlin, Germany. Recommendations for improving the management of residential real estate.Creation of framework conditions for associations of homeowners, including for the implementation of energy sanitation of buildings

  • Bastian Stenzel, Project Manager for Eastern Europe, German Energy Agency (dena), Berlin "German-Ukrainian energy-efficient houses". Complex rehabilitation should become a reality in Ukraine

  • Financial support for the implementation of energy-saving measures in residential buildings to date in Ukraine
  • Mikhaylo Pavlichenko, the International Finance Corporation (IFC) in Ukraine. Necessary prerequisites for financing of complex energy-saving measures in multi-apartment houses.

  • Vladimir Shimkin, Project Manager, IQ Energy, Kiev, Ukraine IQ Energy - energy savings of buildings and development prospects

  • Pavel Vugelman, Deputy Odessa City Head. City support programs for modernization of residential buildings

  • Juris Vigis, Latvian Association of Property Management and Maintenance Enterprises.; NIP Property Management Ltd. "Jelgava Real Estate Management". Energy renovation of residential buildings: financing, experience, problems, prospects

  • The concept of energy-saving renovation of residential buildings from the project "German-Ukrainian Energy Efficient Houses": A comprehensive solution is economically feasible.
  • Bastian Stenzel, Project Manager for Eastern Europe, German Energy Agency (dena), Berlin. Oleg Zvolynskiy, the manager of OSBB "Our house-21", Poltava. The concept (s) of a complex energy-saving renovation of residential buildings from the project "German-Ukrainian Energy Efficient Homes"

  • Discussion "The economic feasibility of a comprehensive renovation of apartment buildings and its financing. Next steps

    15 September 2017

    9.00 Registration
    10.00 - 13.00 Session "Renovation of public buildings"

  • Vitaly Shapovalenko, Consultant of GIZ Project «Establishment of Energy Agencies in Ukraine."

  • Vladislav Stemkovsky, Deputy Mayor of Ternopil.

  • Arturas Indicianskis, Commercial Manager Nordic, Baltic, CIS Neopor and Technical Development, BASF. "Sustainable Construction and Modernization with Neopor Insulation"

  • Eugene Gofman, director at «Center Building Modernization». Strategy of public buildings modernization in Ukrainian cities

  • 14.00 - 16.00 Session "Project financing"
  • Julia Shevchuk, Head of Representative Office in Ukraine, NEFCO.

  • Serhiy Kovalenko, Kovalenko, head of the retail sales at the Odessa regional directorate of JSB Ukrgasbank. "Lending program Eco-Energy"

  • Vadim Samorukov, Head of Credit Department at “Privatbank”. Privatbank’s policy in sector of residential and public buildings

  • Representative of Oshchadbank

  • 16.00 - 18.00 Round table “Heat pumps in multi-storey residential buildings”