Energy service and energy planning_International conference



2nd International Conference "Energy Service and Energy Planning"


  • Discussion about the need of Ukrainian transition to European standards for municipal and regional energy planning

  • Methodical support of the European movement "The Covenant of Mayors" in Ukraine

  • Development of ESCO business in Ukraine

  • Supporting the government's actions on formation ESCO market in residential and public buildings

  • Funding for energy efficiency projects based on Energy Performance Contracting

  • Supporting the partnership of Ukrainian and European ESCOs for projects implementation in Ukraine

  • Establishment of an annual information platform for the exchange of ideas, projects and resources in the energy services sector

Target audience

  • Ukrainian and European ESCOs, energy auditing companies, energy managers;

  • Managers of municipal and housing and communal services;

  • National, regional and municipal authorities;

  • Representatives of the banking community and international financial organizations;

  • Representatives of International Technical Assistance Programs;

  • Professional media



June 1, 2016


Session 1 "Municipal Energy Planning - Establishment of municipal markets for ESCOs"


Vasily Stepanenko, Director, ESCO "Ecological Systems". Analysis of the ESCO market potential in key infrastructure sectors of Ukrainian Cities


Dmitry Emelianenko, Deputy Chief of Party, USAID project "Municipal Energy Reform in Ukraine". Creation of the municipal markets for ESCOs in the sector of public sector buildings in Ukraine


Volodymyr Peregudov, Senior Peoject Coordinator, GIZ project "Establishment of Energy Agencies in Ukraine". Municipal Energy Agency and using the ESCO model


Ima Khrenova-Shimkina, Deputy Project Director, GIZ project "Energy efficiency in Municipalities". Modernization of Ukrainian residential multi-storey buildings - the market potential for ESCOs


Vitaly Volkov, Consultant, Association "Energy Efficient Cities of Ukraine". The results of the project development of a municipal ESCO in the city of Ternopil, under the ESMAP program (World Bank)


Konstantin Petrenko, Director, "Schreder Ukraine." The experience of the implementation of ESCO projects in street lighting sector


Ruslan Tormosov, Executive Director, "Municipal Development Institute". Clean energy projects as an opportunity to attract investment in the development of municipal infrastructure"



Session 2 "Involving ESCOs in financing projects in Ukraine"


Sergey Maslichenko, Department of Energy and Climate Change, EBRD. Energy efficiency in public and residential buildings: experience and plans of the EBRD


Vitaliy Shapovalenko, iC Consulenten Ukraine. Energy Service Contracts: Opportunities and Prospects in Ukraine.


Kira Lachina, "Oschadbank". Financing and credit products for ESCOs


Elena Dmitrieva, Member of Supervisory board, Bank  "Globus". Financial support for energy service companies"


Nina Solomenko, Kiev city administation. Attraction of loan costs for implementation of energy efficiency projects: experience of Kiev


Michael Geissler, CEO, Berlin Energy Agency. Energy efficiency in public buildings through energy services. The example of Germany




June 2, 2016


Session 3 "ESCO market in public buildings sector of Ukraine"


Dmytro Naumenko, Director, KyivESCO. Experience of ESCOs in Kiev: the first tenders


Pavlo Savechko, Head of the Energy department, Ternopil city council. Energy efficiency renovation of public buildings in Ternopil using the ESCO model.


Eugene Sharapiyev, Odessa railway. Implementation of ESCO services in the railway facilities


Olexiy Verba, Director, Iticon. Public buildings renovation in Sustainable Energy Action Plan


Olexander Nikolayenko, Sustainable Energy Manager, USAID Project "Municipal Energy Reform in Ukraine". "Monitoring and verification of energy savings achieved through modernization of public buildings in Ukraine".


Olexiy Koksharov, Director, Odesa Municipal Energy Agency. The role of the Odesa Municapal Energy Agency in improving of energy efficiency in the city


Julia Kirvas, Odessa Municipal Energy Agency. Using of monitoring data for ESCO in public buildings



Session 4 "ESCO market in residential buildings sector of Ukraine"


Olexiy Korchmit, Public Ogranization "Municipal Energy". ESCO in multifamily buildings: the financial, economic and institutional barriers and persperctives


Eric Berman, Chairman of the board, RENESCO. Contracts for buildings renovation and improving energy efficiency. New life cycle for existing buildings in Ukraine


Eugene Gofman, ESCO "Centre of buildings modernization". "Standard projects of energy efficiency building renovation for ESCO"


Olexiy Bilenko, Deputy director, REHAU Ukraine. "ESCO model and suppliers of energy efficient equipment"


Andriy Berestian, Sales and Marketing Manager, Danfoss. The package of engineering solutions for buildings renovation.


Mykola Pasko, Henkel Ukraine. "Solutions for building modernization with guaranteed savings"






Date: 1 - 2 June 2016


Venue: Conference hall of hotel "Gagarinn", Odesa, Ukraine



ESCO "Ecological Systems"

Information Energy Agency "ESCO"



For programme affairs and sponsorship, please contact

Vasily Stepanenko


For general information and registration, please contact

Victoria Artiukh

tel./fax +38 (061) 224-66-86

11 Mayakovsky Ave., Zaporizhia, 69035, Ukraine



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